CO2 Recovery Plant


We BNH Gas Tanks produce CO2 recovery plants for the industrial gases industry. We manufacturer of CO2 Recovery Plant are based on ignition of various fossil fuels such as diesel oil, heavy fuel oil, kerosene or natural gas. The carbon dioxide plants are supplied with a control panel, which ensures continuous trouble-free operation. All instruments installed on the skids are wired to junction boxes prior to shipment and thus reducing installation and commissioning time on site.

We provide a variety of CO2 Recovery Plant that is made using raw material of high quality. They are widely appreciated for their features like durability, strength and good performance.Assistance during erection, installation and commission can be provided, as well as erection and installation of the plant on a turn-key basis.

The flexible CO2 Recovery Plant designed and supplied with complete skids pre-mounted and tested in our factory.

We supply plant with secure high quality, flexible installation, optimal maintenance facilities.
CO2 Recovery plant is operated via a accessible and logic designed interface.

CO2 Recovery plants based on our engineering & technology expertise are one of the most energy efficient plants for trouble free automated operations.

We are Leading Manufacturer and exporter of CO2 Generation Plant such as CO2 Generation Plant system, CO2 Gas Recovery Plant from India.

Types of CO2 Recovery Plant:

  • Recovery based CO2 generation

CO2 recovery plants are specially designed to recover CO2 from the breweries' fermentation processes. Through appropriate scrubbing, filtration and separation technologies, the recovered CO2 is purified to comply with the highest quality requirements on the market.

  • CO2 Generation Plant

These include Diesel Base Plant, Kerosene Base Plant and Natural Gas Base Plant. These are available in various specifications and find wide application in different industries. Our range is well known for the user-friendly nature and high performance. We supply these at industry leading prices.

  • Generating Plants:

These plants run due to combustion of various fossil fuels including heavy oil, diesel oil, kerosene or natural gas depending upon availability & pricing. Through appropriate combustion of the fuel, scrubbing, stripping and separation technology, the CO2 gas thus conform to strictest CO2 quality standards.


  • Unique Design of CO2 plant operation
  • Qualification Unit

CO2 Recovery plant:

Unloading Pumps, Transfer Pumps, etc.
Complete Inter-connection Piping.
Flame Proof Lighting inside Yard.
Electrical Control Panel + Remote Operated Valves For Emergency Tripping
Complete Fire Fighting Equipment.
Dip Testing unit, Leaky cylinder evacuation unit.
Testing & commissioning of the entire systems.


  • High CO2 Loading
  • No Degradation
  • No Commission
  • Safety and Quality etc.


  • Oil Refinery
  • Chemical Production
  • Global Warming Presentation

CO2 Recovery Plant - Brewery Based

Our supply and service:
Standard CO2 plants as well as CO2 plants designed as per customer requirement.
Turn-key shipments: delivery, installation, commissioning and Training.

Upgrading and process (engineering) optimizations of all existing equipment.
Annual maintenance and spare part services.
Preparation of feasibility studies.
Preparation of Basic and Detail Engineering.

CO2 Recovery Plant - Distillery Based

We Provide CO2 Recovery plant from Distillery sources. We supply turnkey equipment supply, Design, Engineering & Consultancy. Our plant is capable to produce food grade CO2 of 99.99% purity.



CO2 Recovery Plant, Manufacturer And Exporter From India At Cheap Cost

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